Kishu Ken Standard

Forehead broad, cheeks relatively well developed, and stop rather abrupt with slight furrow. Nasal bridge straight, with black nose. (With white coat, flesh color permitted). Muzzle slightly thick, wedge shaped, tapering, with lips tight. Teeth strong with scissors bite. (EYES) Relatively small, slightly triangular, set well apart and dark brown in color. (EARS) Small, triangular, slightly inclining forward and firmly pricked.

Outer coat harsh, straight; under coat soft, dense. Hair on cheeks & tail slightly long. Color: white preferred; occasionally red.

Set on high, thick, and carried vigorously curled or curved as a sickle over back, with tip nearly reaching hocks when let down.

Light and resilient.

Medium sized dog, well balanced with muscles developed. The dog has pricked ears and curled or sickle tail, with nobility and dignity in a naive feeling. The conformation is strong, well boned and compact, with noteworthy endurance. The ratio of height at withers to length of body is 10:11. The temperament is faithful, docile and very alert. Height 17-22 inches.

Thick and muscular.

Kishu tails will “flag” straight up when alerted by prey.

Shoulders moderately sloping with well developed muscles. Shoulder joints moderately angled and forearms straight, with elbows set close to the body, pasterns slightly inclining. Upper thighs long, muscular; lower thighs short, muscular. Hocks must be tough and strong. (FEET) Toes well arched and slightly closed, with pads thick and elastic. Nails hard with darker color desirable.

(DISQUALIFICATIONS) Monochid; cryptorchid; not pricked ears; hanging tail; short tail; spotted coat.
(MAJOR FAULTS) Extreme shyness, extreme overshot or undershot.
(MINOR FAULTS) Long hair.

Kishu Ken Standard

LIFE EXPECTANCY: 15 years with good care

Good with Children?

Yes … if raised with children.

Good with Dogs?

Yes … if socialized with other dogs and trained as puppies. Both males and females can be dominant with same sex dogs.


Yes…..Kishu Kens are great at Agility, Obedience and other performance events.  They are wonderful athletes and are eligible for all AKC Performance Titles.

AKC “Achiever Dog” and Agility Champion
Kishu Ken-nel’s Kisha